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Our company specializes in producing Faux Shagreen Furniture made from safe and animal-friendly epoxy resin. With the goal of exporting and processing for fashion brands or decor companies, we are committed to providing high-quality and unique products.

Nội thất bọc da cá đuối - Faux shagreen furniture
Nội thất bọc da cá đuối – Faux shagreen furniture

We use premium epoxy resin to create Faux shagreen furniture such as tea trays, desk frames, gift boxes, decorative cabinets, bedside tables, souvenirs, bags, and wallets. With this material, we ensure the safety of users and minimize the impact on the environment by not using real leather in our production process.

We are committed to providing unique and exquisite designs that meet the needs of our customers for luxury and modernity. Product quality is always our top priority, and we strive to ensure customer satisfaction. We are ready to advise and meet all customer needs, from producing custom orders to designing products to order.

In addition, we also provide other related products such as Faux shagreen tea trays, Faux shagreen, Faux shagreen decorative cabinets, Faux shagreen, Faux shagreen tea trays, Faux shagreen decorative cabinets, and Faux shagreen materials.

With our experience and professional skills, we confidently bring high-quality, beautiful, and durable Faux shagreen products to our customers. Contact us to experience these wonderful products.



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